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Why You Might Not Get Free Preventative Care

preventative careAre you wondering why your current health insurance plan does not provide full coverage for preventive care? If that’s the case, you might still have a grandfathered plan. Grandfathered policies are health insurance plans offered before September 2010 that does not adhere to some of the mandates of the health care reform law.

According to the2012 Employer Health Benefits research conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the number of employers offering grandfathered plans decreased this year. In 2011, 72 percent of employers offered grandfathered policies to their employees. This year, it dropped to 58 percent. The number of employees with old health insurance plans has also decreased from 56 percent (2011) to 48 percent in 2012.

The main difference of a grandfathered plan from newer ones today is the coverage. As mentioned earlier, certain health care benefits made available by the health care reform law do not apply to grandfathered plan such as preventive care service.

Under the law, all health insurance plans post health care reform should cover preventive care with no out-of-pocket costs. You don’t have to meet any deductible which is beneficial if you have a high-deductible health plan. You won’t be charged with co-pays or be responsible for co-insurances. So long as you have an updated plan and you get care from in-network providers, you can get preventive care for free. Preventive care services include annual physical exams, cancer screenings, tests to detect other diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, immunizations, and etc.

Aside from preventive care, grandfathered plans do not have protection when it comes to emergency care. New policies allow emergency care from out-of-network hospitals at the same rates they get it from in-network providers. New rules for protection against claim denials were also created. In addition, annual limits have been lifted for plans post health care reform.

If you’re missing out on health care benefits because you still have an outdated Tennessee health insurance plan, it’s time to update your policy to a new one. Check out the rates and coverage offered by insurance companies in your area in an instant by using our free quote engine here on our site.

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