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Why Do The Holidays Have To Be So Stressful?

Christmas is dubbed “the most wonderful time of the year” to be filled with laughter, gifts, scrumptious delicacies, family bonding and relaxation. But, if you’re the one making all this happen, Christmas can also be a huge stressor at the end of a frenzied to-do list.  There’s gift-buying pressure, cooking, decorating, cleaning, constant running around, and it all culminates in financial pressure. So, I’d like to offer four holiday survival tips to help reduce the stress and make it a happier, chilled-out Christmas.

Holiday Survival Tip # 1

Make a list of all the things you have to do, and don’t act tough and do everything yourself. Try to delegate tasks to other family members.

Holiday Survival Tip # 2

List everything you need to buy and set a realistic budget for each item. Gifts don’t have to be expensive. You can try making homemade gifts or finding bargains on the internet to save money.

Holiday Survival Tip # 3

Make your health a priority during the holidays. Every year at this time, a high number of heart attacks are recorded. The cold weather alone is hard on your heart. It can constrict the arteries in your heart, increase your blood pressure and make your heart work harder. According to doctors, higher numbers of heart attack patients are treated on Christmas day and the day after that.

Holiday Survival Tip # 4

Be sure to check-in with your doctor before Christmas. Have your blood pressure checked and you may need to check your cholesterol levels. And, if you have a newer policy, an annual exam doesn’t cost you a thing. If you’re not getting 100-percent covered preventive health care, you can use our instant quotes and secure online applications to find one that will take better care of you in minutes. And, have a happy and stress-free holiday season!

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