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Saving Money On Prescriptions And Medical Bills

Prescriptions And Medical BillsThere are many ways to save on your Tennessee health insurance. If you are hospitalized and have incurred an expensive medical bill, you may reduce it by using a medical bill negotiation service. Aside from this, there are still many options to save you money.

Medical bill negotiation services works in such a way that they bargain with health insurance companies.  The goal is to discount your medical bill. Usually this money saving tool is effective if you have a high-deductible Tennessee health insurance plan.

Sign up for this free bill negotiation service and get that discount from your health care coverage. Before paying your medical bills amounting to at least $200, get this service. Only 30 percent of the savings would be charged for the service and 70 percent of which would be awarded to you. You pay nothing if they’re unable to reduce the bill so you have nothing to lose.

Also, there’s the money you spend on prescription drugs.  In buying medications alone, we can spend a large portion of our monthly salary.  Some plans don’t even provide coverage for prescriptions, but this doesn’t mean you have to pay the retail price to get your medicine.  Believe it or not, there are a lot of ways you can significantly reduce what you’re spending on prescriptions.

Did you know that you can use the internet to check which pharmacy has the lowest prices available?  You simply google “prescription wizard” to find the Rx Wizard.  It can help you locate pharmacy pricing where you live or mail service pricing.  You can often get better prices by ordering through the mail.  Also, ask your doctor whether it would be safe to get pills that are twice as strong and just split them.  The higher strength may not cost any more than what you’re buying, so splitting them could literally cut your prescription costs in half. Unfortunately, it isn’t appropriate for all medicines so check with your doctor.

Lastly, you can download our free prescription discount card.  It provides discounts of up to 75 percent at more than 54,000 pharmacies nationwide.  In fact, we’ve packed our site with all kinds of discounts.  Just take a look at our Save Money page.

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