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More Hype Or The First Real Weight Loss Pill?

weight lossIf the holiday festivities turned you from a size ten to a size twelve, then you’re not the only one looking for a fast weight loss solution.  This is why TV ads focus on trimming down and getting back the body you had before the ham and the pasta buried their calories in your arms, legs and waist.  Recently, the biggest weight-loss supplement that was introduced is Dr. Mehmet Oz’s green coffee bean extract.  But, before you start running to the store to try it, do your homework first.  After all, losing weight can be detrimental to your health if not done properly.

What’s behind all that hype?

The people behind the Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal conducted tests on how effective green coffee bean supplements are.  They drafted 16 overweight participants and they were made to take the green coffee bean containing chlorogenic acid regularly without making them go through a special diet and exercise plan.  After 12 weeks, they lost an average of 18 pounds.

Dr. Oz, too, conducted his own tests recruiting 50 women and making them regularly take the supplement.  They all lost about two pounds within a couple of weeks.  None of those who participated and lost weight changed what they ate.

The real deal

If you want to try it out, you have to know that green coffee bean extract contains raspberry ketone, a substance that was not tested on humans, just other animals.  The American Medical Association came out with a statement that although animal testing was made, it is still difficult to extrapolate the results to our own species.  The raspberry ketone itself is not natural, but synthetic.

Dr. Mehmet Oz warns consumers of the phony green coffee bean extract circulating the market.  He says for you to be sure, buy only the one which contains at least 45 percent chlorogenic acid, listed as Svetol or GCA.  Dr. Oz also recommends taking 400mg 30 minutes before eating all three daily meals.  Lastly, he warns persons below 18 years old, pregnant, or lactating women against taking the supplement.

Things you need to know that are not on the label

Since 2008 up to the present, over 400 supplements (varying from sexual enhancement, bodybuilding, weight loss, etc.) have been recalled by the FDA.  So it pays to get to know the product before buying it.

To make sure that the product you buy is FDA-approved, go to the FDA website at and enter the supplement name in the search box.

There is no safer weight loss solution than proper diet and exercise.  Eating fiber-rich fruits and veggies will not only help you lose weight, but will also help eliminate toxins from your system.  Losing weight the natural way keeps you in optimum health while ridding you of the extra inches from your waist.

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