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It’s Easier Than You Think To Have A Happy Retirement

happy retirementAfter more than 30 years of being tied to a desk, it’s normal that a person looks forward to his retirement.  But when they finally retire, they end up disappointed.  Half of the people who retire say their retirement is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Here are five factors that can affect your retirement.  Assess yourself and your lifestyle to see if you have a chance at a happy retirement.

A Social Life – According to different studies, having a social life contributes to 30 percent of retirement bliss.  It is surprising to note that having kids and grandkids has zero to very little impact on a retiree’s level of contentment.

People who watch endless hours of TV are less likely to be happy according to a 2005 study conducted in Zurich, and confirmed again by a 2008 study conducted by researchers at the University of Maryland.  So, if you want to be happy after retirement, don’t spend most of your time watching television.

Good Health – Not all retirees enjoy good health, which is why most end up spending a lot of their retirement money on health care.  Retirees in a poor state of health are 50 percent less likely to be happy.  Fortunately, with all the time that you have not being tied to a desk, you can still get some exercise and eventually improve your health.

Intellectual Curiosity – According to a book on retirement written by R. Stim and R. Warner, seniors over 70 who do brain-stimulating activities are two and a half times less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Identity After Retirement – R. Delamontagne, in his book, says achievers and goal-setters have the most difficult time transitioning to retirement.  The more that you are defined by your employment, the more difficult it would be for you to adjust to a life without it.

More Money Doesn’t Mean More Happiness – Yes, you need money to live a comfortable life, but beyond that, money can’t buy you happiness.  However, if you’re a little short on retirement funding, you might consider getting a part-time job.  Researchers at the University of Maryland reported that retirees who go back to work are healthier.  And, since healthy retirement can give you a 50 percent level of contentment, the money that you will be earning can answer for the remaining 50 percent.

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