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Is Your Tennessee Health Insurance Plan Offering Better Coverage?

When was the last time you updated your Tennessee health insurance plan? Was it before the Affordable Care Act became law? If you still have a grandfathered plan, you might be missing out on the added health care benefits made available by the health care reform.

Grandfathered plans are policies that were arranged and purchased before the Affordable Care Act was implemented. These plans are not required to cover some of the mandates of the health care reform law, that can really come in handy at present, like getting preventive care with no out-of-pocket costs or protection for emergency care.

Basically, all Tennessee health insurance plan benefits were expanded when the health care reform was enacted. All plans now cover preventive care services even if you have not met the deductible. Co-insurance and co-pays don’t even apply. But, you must go with in-network providers. Preventive care services include blood glucose monitoring, vaccinations, screenings for cancer and other diseases, contraceptives for women, and a lot more.

Annual and lifetime limits are also gone with these new plans. Limits will be completely banned in 2014, when all the mandates of health care reform will be fully implemented. Plus, you can get the same emergency care rates without regard to provider networks.

Although these added benefits often result in higher premiums, the benefits offered by new Tennessee health insurance plans can, and often do, outweigh the costs. If you’re worried about the premiums, there’s plenty of ways to save on healthcare even if you have a new plan in place.

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