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Does Your Child Need a New Health Insurance Plan?

health careWhen it comes to our kid’s health, we’ll do everything and anything to ensure they don’t get sick. Since their immune system is not fully developed like ours, they are very susceptible to bugs and infections. And, that means a lot of trips to the doctor.

Giving them healthy meals and vitamins and teaching them to wash their hands often may not keep all of the germs away during the school year. Wouldn’t it be nice if your health insurance plan would think more like a parent?

Some Tennessee health insurance plans are just better at that than others? The plans that comply with the Affordable Care Act cover preventive care services with no out-of-pocket costs. That means no deductibles, no co-insurance and no co-pays for lots of care, like vaccinations, that help keep kids healthy. The only catch to getting 100-percent coverage for preventive care is to stick with in-network doctors, and you’ll need to have a relatively new plan.

If you still have a “grandfathered plan,” you may be missing out on free health protection for your kids. All in all, there are now 27 of these health benefits for children. This includes: anemia correction through iron supplementation, screening for vision and hearing problems, lead exposure screening, keeping track of their medical history, well-child check-ups, obesity screening and counseling, oral health risk assessment, screening for Phenylketonuria disorder in newborns, developmental and behavioral assessments, blood pressure screening, sickle cell anemia screening, screening and detection of autism, and more.

Vaccinations are another way to keep your children healthy that are now covered. Immunizations boost the body’s immune system to ward off microorganisms that make kids sick. It is essential that you immunize them against common childhood illnesses like influenza, chickenpox, measles, etc. Even when your kids reach their teenage years, they should get booster immunizations since the efficacy of some vaccines wears off in time. I like to think of the policies that provide all of this as being kid-friendly, but they’re really a parent’s best friend. If your plan is too outdated to offer this, take a look at the new plans.

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