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Are You Taking Part In The Creation Of Tennessee’s Health Insurance Exchange?

Tennessee Health Insurance ExchangeNow that the U.S. Supreme Court did not repeal the Affordable Care Act, that would mean a “green light” for states to continue planning in establishing their own health insurance exchange to run in 2014. Of course, if they decide not to do anything, then the federal government will run it for them (an event that most states dread to happen). That is why, even though they aren’t totally in favor of this mandate, they don’t have a choice but to push through and meet the requirements for the health insurance exchanges.

The health insurance exchange extends help to uninsured individuals and small business firms to get Tennessee health insurance coverage at a very affordable rate. The benefits of the plans will be standardized making it easier for consumers to focus on the rate and quality of care offered by health insurance companies participating in the exchange.

Tennessee has not created any bill yet with how they’ll set up an exchange but have been moving forward with their planning phase. Just this May, they received federal funding to help Tennessee build the exchange.

At present, Tennessee is taking ideas from the public through representatives of different advocacy groups on the benefits that the state-based health insurance exchange plans should include. Some had suggested including medical coverage for drug addiction and Multiple Sclerosis treatment.

Many also expressed that covering hearing aids is fairly important. This was already addressed by a state mandate that will take effect this year. However, with the health insurance exchanges coming up, people are worried whether this would still be covered by the new plans in 2014.

From these suggestions, the Department of Commerce and Insurance will recommend the best ideas to Gov. Bill Haslam. The suggestions will be gathered for at least three weeks. Do you want to take part in the creation of the Tennessee health insurance exchange? Your ideas are important.

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